Gentlemen start your engines ! Now you're in for a treat...

The SixtyFiver group is behind another exciting event. This time at Denmark's most challenging course, Ring Djursland on the nose of Jutland, just northeast of Aarhus.

Our desire is to offer races longer than the events we normally take part in. The race at Djursland is, due to the time we can get assigned at the event, limited to 40 minutes. We run the race with mandatory pit stop, where you can change driver if you are a two driver team, refueling is not possible ...

Ring Djursland is the oldest and most historic racetrack in Denmark. The landscape is hilly and the track has turns that makes it unique and challenging to say the least.

It's 1750 meters long and runs clockwise. Laptimes will be around 1 minut in a good 65'er with a skilled driver (as we all are) at the wheel.

Now, you go for a spin around the wonderful track, hold tight ! The starting grid is at the straight, in front of the spectators at our left. The lamps are out and off you go..

Everybody struggles to make the righthand turn that leads a bit upwards to the shorter straight that leads past the pit lane and racecontrol tower. The turn can be a challenge at speed and you streighten the car close to the heavy Armco at the left. As the car struggles for traction you aim at the next corner.

Aim is maybe not the right word, 'course the next turn us hardly visible, hidden by the asphalt on the bank of the first dive as you enter the braking point for the steep curve. The dive and the steep introduction to the tracks only lefthand curve is called "Trapperne" or in english "the Stairway".

Take my advice.. do not touch the brakes before you are sure that all your rubber hits the ground..

The single lefthander was, until they renewed the asphalt, wery bumpy. Now the corner is more comfortable but also faster. Take care in the corner as it drops quite a bit when it straightens, and many has lost their rearend and some even lost control with a  spin as a result.

You kept the grip and gain speed before you hit the brakes for a wide smooth right turn at the paddocks. The paddock turn offers a fine opportunity to pass slower cars. As you gain speed, the track drops drastically and you feel the car dissappears under you but in the next moment you are forced down into the seat and you adjust the speed and find the line to throw the car over the crest and down into the straight that runs past the spectator stands.

Be careful to coordinate the gearbox and clutch as you hit the next crest  just after you have steadied the car for the straight. The straight is just long enough to gain speed in topgear. The righthander at the end of straight is wide enough to harvest a position or two in a brake duel.

Now you are back in the turn to take the Ring Djursland for another lap.....

We are all, in the SixtyFivers, looking foreward to welcome you to a very special and unique expirience,

The SixtyFivers Petite Endurance at Ring Djursland.. Together we make history !